I am Doneisha Simone a Hair and Makeup artist! My artistry has appeared in print, film, and live performances across Los Angeles, CA.

Not to mention I've worked with some of the cities most talented Urban and Fashion Photographers from Los Angeles, Japan, Italy, and Brazil!

My clientele has included Celebrities, Models, and the Everyday Working Class.

My promise to you is to love your hair as if it were my own! If you dream of beautiful hair, skin, and nails my secret to you is be courageous!
Confidence is what unleashes the inner beauty in us all and Style is how we flaunt it.

When we plan and book beauty appointments for birthday parties, interviews, dates and other special occasions we feel empowered and beautiful and we deserve every compliment!
Take a moment and love yourself, appreciate your features, your hair texture, your skin tone and enhance your beauty.

I guarantee that I will dedicate all my time and effort into the services that I offer and just remember our first impression is always our last impression!

Sincerely Yours,
Doneisha Simone